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Citation Management Software

This guide introduces two freely available citation managers, Mendeley and Zotero, that enable organization and formatting of citations.

What is citation management software?

Save your sources to one convenient location and access via the cloud.

Create formatted citations and your reference section in seconds (really!).

Citation management software is a computer application that allows for convenient organization and cloud access to your sources. This software works with a word processor (e.g., Microsoft Word) to format in-text citations and bibliographies according to the citation style of your choosing.

Two free* applications are:

*Zotero and Mendeley are free to install and use. Free storage is available up to 300 MB for Zotero and 2 GB for Mendeley, which tend to be sufficient for student needs. Annual subscription plans are available above these storage thresholds.

Download Zotero or Mendeley to get started.

Which tool is right for me?

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