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CDS Graduate Students, Library Resources

Guide to resources in Communication Disorders and Sciences at EIU's Booth Library

Getting started

This guide will help you navigate EIU Booth Library resources for Communication Disorders & Sciences. Use the menu on the left-hand side of the page to navigate between pages.

Within this guide, learn how to locate and navigate:

Have questions?

Reach out to Kirstin Duffin, your CDS librarian. Find her contact information in the left-hand column of this guide.

Consult with your librarian to get help with:
     - developing a research strategy,
     - selecting appropriate resources,
     - using advanced database functionality,
     - evaluating resources,
     - troubleshooting research roadblocks,
     - accessing hard to find materials,
     - deciding when you've found "enough," and
     - managing your growing list of citations and articles.
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