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Introduction to Scopus

Learn the features and functionality of the abstract and citation database Scopus.


This page includes Basic and Advanced Searching as well as ways to Expand Your Search by looking at document references and documents cited by the sources you find.

Use Scopus to search for documents, authors, or affiliations with a particular university/organization. Scopus contains citations and abstracts only. In your results, click Get Full Text logo to locate the full text of your desired document. Read more about how to use Get Full Text. For additional assistance, Ask a Librarian.


Start searching Scopus now

Basic search

Use the basic search to locate information on your topic. To do a more specific search, use the drop-down menu to limit your search. Choose Article Title to search words that appear in article titles. Choose Keywords to search only indexed and author-supplied words and phrases.

Screenshot of How to conduct a basic search tutorial

Basic search tips

  • Searching climate change will yield results with climate and change in the documents.
  • Searching "climate change" will yield results with the loose phrase climate change in the documents.
  • Searching {climate change} will yield results with the exact phrase climate change in the documents.
  • Use the asterisk * to find word variants: "climat* chang*" will yield results that include climate and climatic as well as change and changes and changed and changing as a loose phrase in the documents.

View more Search Tips.

Advanced search

Use the advanced search when you need to dig deeper into the literature. Choose the appropriate Field Code(s) in the right-hand column of the page. Once you select a Field Code, a description is provided in the center of the page. Add a Field Code to your search by clicking " + " that is to the right of any code.

Screenshot of How to use advanced search tutorial

Advanced search tips

  • To search only for review articles, use " DOCTYPE(re) "
  • To search for documents within a particular journal, use " EXACTSRCTITLE() " and type the journal name within the parentheses.
  • To search by funding sponsor or grant number, use " FUND-ALL() " and include the full name or acronym of the funder, e.g., FUND-ALL("National Science Foundation") or FUND-ALL(NSF), or type in the grant number, e.g., FUND-ALL(NIH 5RO1AI091972-3).
  • To search by chemical name or CAS registry number, use " CHEM() " and type the chemical name or number into the parentheses.
  • To search an amino acid or nucleotide sequence number, use " SEQNUMBER() " and type the sequence number into the parentheses.

Read more about Scopus Field Codes.

Expand your search

Search document references and documents cited by the sources you find in an initial search.

Screenshot of How to expand your search tutorial

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