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Introduction to Scopus

Learn the features and functionality of the abstract and citation database Scopus.

Analyzing results

Look at publishing trends on your topic and find answers to questions such as:

  • How much has been published on this topic in recent years?
  • In what years were the greatest number of items published on this topic?
  • Which journals are publishing the most on this topic?
  • In what journal do I want to try publishing my research?
  • Who are the leading researchers and scholars writing about this topic?
  • Which institutions are publishing the most on this topic?
  • Where should I look for funding for my research?

How to analyze your search results

At the top of your search results page, choose "Analyze search results." Scroll down the resulting page to view graphs analyzing documents by source, author, funding sponsor, etc.

Screenshot of link to "Analyze search results"


Screenshot of How to analyze your search results tutorial

Comparing sources

Select up to 10 sources to compare their publication metrics.


Screenshot of How to compare sources tutorial

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