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Introduction to the Library Catalog

How to use the EIU library catalog to find information

Use MLA, APA, or another citation style to cite your sources 

Want help with formatting your references?

Use the citation features within the library catalog!

After selecting a resource, click on Citation. Choose your citation style.

Citation in library catalog

For more on citing your sources using a particular citation style, see our guide on citation styles.

Not sure which style to use? 

Check your assignment guidelines or ask your course professor for clarification.

Don’t see your style?

All citation styles use the same general elements, although some styles may use more:

  • Author(s)
  • Title of piece
  • Date of publication
  • Name of publisher (if a book)
  • Name of authors/editors and title of book (if a book chapter)
  • Title of journal (if an article)
  • Volume and issue number of journal (if an article)
  • Page range (if an article or book chapter)

(See examples for MLA and APA.)

Choose the citation format that best matches the style you’re using and make the appropriate changes. You will simply need to rearrange the pertinent elements into the correct order and follow the capitalization and punctuation rules of your assigned style.

Working on a big research project?

If you’re ready to take your referencing to the next level, try out a free citation management tool. These tools help with organizing your sources into one place and automatically generating formatted citations based on whatever style you're using. See our guide on citation management software to get started.

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