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Native American Cultures

Native American Cultures

Native American Cultures

This guide is intended to provide supplemental readings and research support for Anthropology 3691, Native American Cultures. The current syllabus is found on Dr. Holly's faculty profile page. 

All resources on this guide are available to all EIU students, staff and faculty.
Materials found here are not restricted to ANT 3691. 

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Search Tips...

Search Tips

​Selected useful subject terms (aka topics):
The terms and phrases below can be particularly useful tools when searched in databases as a phrase, in quotes (i.e. "Indians in motion pictures"). The list below are universally applied Library of Congress headings, searchable in databases as well as the library catalog. Links go to catalog search results for those subject headings, or "topics" as they are labeled in the catalog.

screenshot image of catalog searchIndians of North America Ethnic identity
Indians of North America Cultural assimilation
Indians in Mass Media
Indians in popular culture
Indians in Motion Pictures
Indians of North America
Indians, Treatment of

Note:It can be highly effective to combine any two or more of the terms above (or with any other keywords you come up with) in separate subject, topic, or keyword searches in the library catalog or article databases. Don't try to find the perfect search combination, perform multiple searches and select relevant results from each. Allow each subsequent search to inform your next attempt.

Search the library catalog:
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