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Computer Science: Home

Guide to library resources in computer science.

Browsing the stacks for comp sci books

To find computer science books within different subject areas, browse the shelves in Reference (3rd floor/main level) or in the book stacks (1st floor South, right side on the movable shelves) for these call numbers.

Newly arrived computer science books can be found under these call number ranges on the new book shelves adjacent to the Reference desk, 3rd floor.

Q 300-390 - Cybernetics; Artificial Intelligence
QA 75.5-76..575 - Computers; Computer Science (General)
QA 76.575 - Multimedia Systems
QA 76.58 - Parallel Processing
QA 76.59 - Mobile Computing
QA 76.625 -  Internet Programming
QA 76.6-76.66-  Computer Programming; Programming Languages
QA 76.73 .C153 - C++
QA 76.73 .J38 - Java and Javascript
QA 76.73 .P22-.P47- Perl
QA 76.75-76.76 - Computer Software
QA 76.76 - Operating Systems
QA 76.76 .C68 - Computer Viruses
QA 76.76 .H94 - HTML and Web Design
QA 76.76 .W56 - Windows
QA 76.8 - Specific Computers and Systems
QA 76.8 .M3-.M68...... Macintosh Computers
QA 76.87 - Neural Networks
QA 76.9 - Scientific Computing
QA 76.9 .A25 - Computer Security, Cryptography
QA 76.9 .A73 - Computer Systems Architecture
QA 76.9 .D3 - Database Management
QA 76.9 .H85 - Human-Computer Interaction; Virtual Reality
QA 76.9 .M65 - Computer Ethics, Morality
QA 166 - Graph Theory
QA 267-268.5 - Machine theory; Abstract Automata      
T 57.62 - Modeling and Simulation
T 58.6 - Management Information Systems
TA 1630-1650 -  Image Processing
TK 5105-5105.9 - Data Transmission; Computer Networks
TK 5105.8 - Internet, Web Browsers
TK 7885-7895 - Computer Engineering; Computer Hardware

Searching for books, videos, and more

Choose the Booth Catalog to find books in the library, and in the search box, type in keywords describing what you'd like to find.  You'll find the best results using simple words or phrases, such as Javascript, "Word 2013" or "artificial intelligence" (for best results, put phrases in quotes).  Click on each title to find more information about the item.  The catalog will also find information on videos, ebooks, government publications, and more.  You can sort your results by Newest First.


Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Encyclopedia of Human Computer Interaction -
REF QA 76.9 .H85 2006
Wiley Encyclopedia of Computer Science and Engineering -
REF QA 76.15 .W545 2009
For Biographical Information on Computer Scientists
A-Z of Computer Scientists - REF QA 76.2 .H46 2003
Computer Pioneers - REF QA 76.2 .A2 L44 1995
Computer Technology Innovators - REF QA 76.2 .A2 C66 2013
Dictionary of Scientific Biography - REF Q 141 .D5 (20 vol.)
Notable Twentieth-Century Scientists - REF Q 141 .N73 (4 vol.)

E-book collections and tutorials

Booth Library offers access to many computer science ebooks through Springerlink.  Its large e-book collection covers a variety of topics, but with an emphasis on science and technology.



Booth Library offers several databases useful for finding articles in computer science. All databases are accessible from off campus as well; just log in with your EIU netID and password.  Think about your topic in terms of keywords, which can either be connected by AND/OR/NOT.

If the PDF or HTML full text isn't linked, click on  Get Full Text to see whether your article is available online or in print through another Booth Library source. More information about Get Full Text and examples of how it works are available at

Applied Science and Technology Abstracts - Citations and abstracts of journal articles in applied science and technology.

Academic Search Complete - Full articles and abstracts from articles covering all academic topics, including computer science.

MathSciNet - A comprehensive database covering articles in mathematics, 1940 to present.  It includes overlapping areas with computer science such as mathematical computing.

Springerlink - An online collection of articles and books in a variety of fields, with emphasis on science and technology.

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