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BIO 3180: Finding Literature in Ecology and Evolution

Navigating library resources to find ecology and evolution publications, including journal articles (primary literature) and books (secondary literature).

Finding Articles

A primary source reports authors' original research. Types of primary literature include research articles, technical reports, conference papers, and patents, among others.

Start on the Booth Library homepage,, and navigate to the appropriate journal article databases to find ecology articles.

Go to the library’s home page and select “Articles,” then click on “Databases.”  In the “Select a Subject” pull-down menu, select “Biological Sciences.”

Biological and Agricultural Index Plus is one database that contains journal articles for the fields of ecology and evolution.
Biological & Agricultural Index Plus main search page.

BIOSIS Previews is another database that has ecology and evolution journal articles.


Scopus is a third option for locating scientific literature in ecology and evolution.


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