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Vietnam War Resources: Home


Antiwar Movement Curriculum, Stanford History Education Group
Allows registered users to download online curriculum, lesson plans, original documents, and a graphic organizer.

King and Vietnam Curriculum
Classroom curriculum to teach about Martin Luther King Jr.'s opposition to the Vietnam War.

Vietnam War Bibliography
Hundreds of books, articles, and dissertations by Edwin Moise, professor of history at Clemson University.  The bibliography includes very specific categories to help users find materials on their topic.

Government Websites

LBJ Library Reading Room
Digitized content from Johnson's administration, including Johnson's daily diary and contemporary interviews with key Cold War figures, such as Secretary of State Dean Rusk and Defense Secretary Robert NcNamara.

Nixon Presidential Library & Museum Virtual Library
Documents include President Nixon's daily diary and National Security Action Memorandums.  Also included are Nixon's speeches, news releases, press conference transcripts, and the Pentagon Papers.

Research in Military Records: Vietnam War
Hosted by the National Archives, this site includes records relating to casualty counts, prisoners of war, and missing in action soldiers.

Vietnam War Commemoration
Created by the U.S. Department of Defense, this website contains an interactive timeline, printable fact sheets and posters, and links to primary sources.

U.S. Allies

Australia and the Vietnam War
Focuses on battles fought by Australian troops, as well as how Australia became involved in the war, weapons, public opinion, the home front, and the eventual pullout of Australian troops after the Tet Offensive.

New Zealand and the Vietnam War
New Zealand's role in the war is documented here in the form of photos, audio, video, and memories submitted directly to the site by veterans.  Articles cover different aspects of the war as it relates to New Zealand and includes a timeline and teaching resources.

Primary Sources

The Avalon Project
Collects primary sources in law, history, and diplomacy ranging from 400 B.C.E. to the present day.  The Indochina section (1950-1964) provides primary sources relating to events up to and including the early part of the Vietnam War.

Virtual Vietnam Archive
Digital archive with more than 550,000 items that can be searched or browsed.  This site offers several curated subject guides on different topics relating to the Vietnam War.

Veterans Issues

Vietnam Veterans of America
The Vietnam Veterans of American (VVA) promotes issues important to veterans.  This site contains resources for veterans, as well as information about politics and legislative action initiatives.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund
Offers the abililty to scroll through and search an interactive wall of faces linking to one of 58,307 fallen soldiers whose names are ascribed on the Vietnam Wall Memorial in Washington D.C.  A virtual tour of the Education Center and teaching materials are also available.

Oral Histories

The Rutgers Oral History Archives
Houses interviews contributed to the site by Rutgers graduates who served in Vietnam. 

Veterans History Project
This project of the Library of Congress collects first-hand accounts of U.S. veterans.  Interviews can be searched by gender, branch of service, and whether the veteran spent time as a prisoner of war.

Vietnam Era Oral History Project
Contains 20 interviews with Vietnam veterans available in audio and transcript form.

The Antiwar Movement

Antiwar and Radical History Project
Provides an overview of antiwar activities from around the Pacific Northwest.  Topics on the Vietnam War include student activism, draft resistance, scanned photos and documents, and antiwar voices from within the military.

FBI Files on the Antiwar Movement
Online investigative files relating to the FBI's spying on antiwar activity. 

FBI Files on Vietnam Veterans Against the War
This archive chronicles the activities of the group Vietnam Veterans Against the War (VVAW).

Oral History of Utah Peach Activists
Focuses on Utah peace activists and features transcripts and audio interviews with a wide range of activists.

The Pacifica Radio/UC Berkeley Social Activism Sound Recording Project
Provides a timeline of antiwar actions in California with links to audio, video, and primary sources such as newspaper articles.

Vietnam War Ephemera Collection
Collects leaflets and newspapers that were distributed on campus by the Students for a Democratic Society in the 1960s and 1970s.
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