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Peer Review: Is this Article Peer Reviewed?

Use this guide to help determine if the articles you find wold be considered "scholarly," "academic," "peer reviewed," or "refereed"

What is a scholarly article for FCS?

Scholarly Research Articles in FCS Disciplines

Scholarly  articles are written by academic researchers and professionals such as nutritionists, engineers, therapists, and others with advanced degrees or professional licenses.   There will often be more than one author.  The university, company, or institution the authors are affiliated with will usually be listed.

The intended audience for scholarly articles is other researchers and professionals. Expect to see special terms and words and complex sentence structure. Scholarly articles are generally more than four pages long. In most cases, there will be charts, graphs, or tables in the article. Almost all scholarly articles will begin with an abstract that gives a summary of the article. Scholarly articles will always cite sources and have a bibliography at the end.

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