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E-Books: A Guide to Different Platforms

Guide to finding and using different E-Books platforms.

E-Books in the EIU Online Catalog

All E-Books, regardless of what type, will show up in the EIU Library Catalog with an "eBook" icon.  It is important to click on the title of the E-Book to show available options for accessing the E-Book.  Clicking on the other link, "Get it online" might not allow access to the book.

Different Types of E-Books

There are many different types of E-Books in the EIU Library Catalog. The most common platforms for E-Books that you will encounter include:

Each platform will look different.  Please follow on screen instructions to open E-Books.

Limiting Searches to E-Books

Search results can be limited to E-Books by selecting "Electronic Books" under the Location heading on the right hand side of your search results.  Searches can also be limited to HaithiTrust items or EBL E-Books.

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