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Digital Health Literacy

Training videos for digital health literacy instruction. Covers demographic information, recommended resources, LGBTQ health, choosing a doctor, and advance directives.

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Digital Health Resources

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Evaluating Health Information

MedlinePlus Evaluating Internet Health Information: Checklist

1.   Provider

  • Who is in charge of the Web site?
  • Why are they providing the site?
  • Can you contact them?

2. Funding

  • Where does the money to support the site come from?
  • Does the site have advertisements? Are they labeled?


  • Where does the information on the site come from?
  • How is the content selected?
  • Do experts review the information that goes on the site?
  • Does the site avoid unbelievable or emotional claims?
  • Is it up-to-date?


  • Does the site ask for your personal information?
  • Do they tell you how it will be used?
  • Are you comfortable with how it will be used?


MedlinePlus offers information in 57 languages. The entire site is available in Spanish.

Suggested Web Sites - General

Complementary Medicine

Medical Terminology

While using plain language is best, there are times when medical terminology is needed or a plain language version is not available. The resources below can help.

Plain Language

Health education works best with clear, concise language. These sites offer guidance on how to speak and write for your audience.

Older Adults

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