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Open Educational Resources (OER)

A guide to Open Educational Resources (OER), why we need them, and how to find them @BoothLibrary

Finding OER

Open Educational Resources are proliferating across the internet at a growing rate. Large scale Open Course Platforms such as Coursera or Udacity are easy to find and adopt, as are open textbooks like the collections listed below, but many OER are created by teachers and professors operating at a much smaller scale and who are creating resources for specific subjects. These OER are intended to be adopted and edited by other educators, and are not as easy to discover as the larger, full-service platforms. These OER may be found through multidisciplinary OER repositories, or subject specific OER repositories like OER Commons and MERLOT. The Mason OER Metafinder (MOM) from George Mason University searches across 22 large OER repositories, and other digital libraries like the Digital Public Library of America.

OER repositories

OER Open Textbooks

The Open Textbook movement focuses on the creation of books that are built specifically for use as free or low-cost options for education. Each repository has a particular focus, and unique items you can't find in other collections.

Additional Resources

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