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ELE 3050: Service Learning by Elementary Students

A guide for ELE3050 students to find articles on service learning by elementary students

Think About the Topic

Many students have tried and failed to find information about this topic, yet there is research to be found!

Before beginning to enter terms in the search boxes, it is worth your while to think about those terms. What are alternative terms for "Service Learning?" You might consider Community Service, Active Learning, Partnerships in Education, Experiential Learning, or School Community Programs. 

The first step in finding this information is to choose the appropriate databases. For Service Learning in Elementary and Middle Schools, choose Education from the Research by Subject tab on the Booth Library homepage.

The two databases you want to choose from the resulting list are ERIC and the Professional Development Collection. Choose either one of those databases; then, when the EBSCO list of databases comes up, you may select both.
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