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Government Shutdown

A guide to resources in the library and government publications (reports, hearings) about recent and past government shutdowns.

Government Shutdown

The US Government is currently experiencing the longest shutdown in our nation's history.

The longest government shutdown in our nations history began on December 22nd, 2018, and continued into January 2019, and left 800,000 federal workers furloughed or forced to work without a paycheck. Below you'll find list of useful links and resources from Booth library's databases to further advance your understanding about our current and past shutdowns.

Ebsco articles search for "government shutdown" in 2019
Global Newsstream search for "government shutdown" in 2019
Search Political Science databases available from Booth

Westlaw search portal for legal and legislative information.
Results shown are for the proposed and enacted legislation for the search "government shutdown"

screengrab from westlaw search page

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